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Related post: Date: Wed, 23 Jul preteen latex galleries 2003 22:10:51 -0400 From: Bill McBride Subject: Reclaiming Austin 2 Chapter 2 Reclaiming AustinThe following is a semi true story based on real characters and events. I have sample preteen supermodel used artistic license to embellish certain facts and obviously, names have been changed-duh! Moreover, all events, while true, may not have happened in the written order. Some things have been embellished and some have been borrowed from other memories-to help break up the story to protect the not so innocent... Enjoy.If you don't care to read about two guys in love or two guys having sex, go away, you probably want the lesbian section. If you aren't supposed to view gay pictures or read about gay material because of where you live or who you live with, stop reading this and go fight to change the bloody laws.Please don't use any portion of this story without asking first and receiving permission. When I got home the next day my answering machine was buzzing Like a Bee hive with cell phones. I must have had 25 calls from various partygoers who wanted to know what had happened. I shook my head at most of the messages, laughing to myself pre teen paysites as I realized that straight men could be just as bad as women or gay men when it came to gossip. Towards the end of the messages, my phone rang and it was Phil wanting to know how Austin and I had gotten along. I was about to play indignant when he added, "Alex, he wouldn't leave me alone about getting your number yesterday... Not sure what's going on dude, but I guess he's lucky it's you he's... well, whatever it is that's going through in his mind."I was quiet for a second a little stunned but had to ask, "Phil? Dude? Are you fucking with me Man?" nude ebony preteens I asked slowly. "Nah dude. After he woke and got cleaned up he sat down with me and wanted me to fill in what had happened the night before, and if he remembered correctly that you'd given him a bath." "And???" I asked "And I told him everything; especially that he'd been hanging off you a good portion of the evening. I also said that you'd been a perfect gentleman and that you'd used a rubber every time you fucked him"I almost fell over when he said it, but I could hear his grin spreading from ear to ear."Ya know, you are really lucky that I'm gay...""Why, you wanna hit me or something?" Phil asked teasingly..."Nah, cause you know how much we love assholes!"Phil and I chuckled and bantered a bit till my call waiting interrupted us. I told Phil I would be right back. "Hello?" "Hey you didn't call me so I wanted to make sure that you weren't giving me a dud blow off number."Austin was teasing on the other end. I was so shocked I could not think of a witty reply... "Uhhh, HI." I replied. "Ummm, wait here, Phil's on the other line...I'll get rid of him," Then I added in an excited and emphatic after thought, "Don't go anywhere! Wait here!!!"So I told Phil I'd call him later and that Austin was on the other line... He started giving me kind of a verbal `hi five' that str8 men do when they think one of them is getting lucky. "Aaauuuustin, `sup dude?"I asked as I clicked back over. The smile that wrapped around my face must have been contagious cause I could hear in Austin's voice that contagious smirk and endless dimples. "Nada, school and shit...Hey man, you got any plans this weekend?" he asked me. "N-no, not really." I answered, "Why, whazzup?" "Not much, I was thinking of maybe skipping out on the frat and coming back this weekend." I wasn't sure how happy I was `allowed' to be, so I played it cool. "That'd be great dude; Dan's having a kegger at his house... I think my `beer wench' costume is finally dry after our shower."He laughed. "Hmmm, well, that'd be cool too... I might have another party lined up though... Listen, I gotta go, just make preteen models fat sure you keep this weekend open." "Sure dude, you're the boss." I had a suspicion he'd eat that one up. "Damn straight I am!!!" "Sweet cheeks, even for you I couldn't be damn straight..." ideal pussy preteen "Dude, I may have been drunk, but don't think for a second that I don't remember winning you! And if I want you to be straight, you're gonna have get out of the high heels and tough it up!" "Sugar, if I'd been straight, you'd have woken up on the bathroom floor wearing all your vomit from the night before..."He was quiet for a moment before adding, "Hmmmm, Yeah, Ya got me there I guess... Well then, fag on!" We chatted a little longer and he told me he was bringing me a tape he'd made of some of the cool college bands he'd seen. Then, after a pause he added hesitantly, "Right...Ummm... Oh, and Alex, . . . " "Yeah Austin?" "Could you do me a favor and not mention my coming in to anyone?" "Uuuuhhhh sure, but why?" Austin was quiet for a second before saying, "It's a secret... and if I told you, I'd have to kill you." "Hmmm, that would ruin all my devious plans... can't have that... OKAY . . . . Your secret's safe." "Cool, I'll call you on Thursday and finalize plans then," he said cheerfully. "I'll be here," I remarked. Then we hung up. I proceeded to do my happy dance all over the apartment before calling Michael back and telling him. He lived in Orlando so I figured it was safe. Michael was jealous as hell and did nothing but curse me over and over. As if I weren't having enough problems trying to figure out what kind of game Austin was playing with me, on Wednesday he sent me an email with a very hot picture of him on the baseball field wearing his uniform pants, sweating with no shirt on. He wore his cap on backwards with a huge dimpled grin. I should say here that I have a serious weakness when it comes to backwards hats. I won't even try to explain it here, but turn a baseball cap around on a guy's head and he can shoot up 5 points on a 10 point scale... Anyways, the inscription on the picture said was `Here, after all you did for me, I think I owe you this at least.' I printed the picture out and framed it and hung it in my bedroom x preteen pic where preteen lls nude it remains to this day.My ability to read people was generally regarded as uncanny, but I was soooo wrapped up in this guy I couldn't even determine whether he was teasing me preteen directories or just being nice. My instincts told me to sexy preteen indian keep all the information about Austin to myself and not say anything to anyone. It was hard but I only had one more day really. Thursday afternoon I couldn't wait to get home, I flew out of the office and practically clawed my way through traffic. I actually made it home 10 minutes earlier than I usually do. So I waited..., waited..., paced..., tried to read..., and waited... and each time the phone rang I grabbed it up and forced myself to sound cool...But Austin didn't call. I had his number out and almost dialed it a hundred times... but something made me stop. Would it have given something away if he'd known how desperately I wanted russian preteen nipples to story preteen rape talk with him? I don't know, but I went to bed early and took a few tranquilizers I'd been saving to ease me off to sleep... I was seriously bummed. Friday dragged and all I could do was wonder what was going through Austin's mind... Had he freaked out? Had he just forgotten? Had it been a crewel game? It's hard to do menial work when depression is scratching at your skull trying to get in. I went home trying to figure out if I were going to head over to Phil's or just watch tv and get to bed early. I went inside my apartment fed my fish and sat down and watched them. They weren't as warm and friendly as a dog, but they were the only pets I was allowed. I shucked my7 work pants and shirt in lieu of sweats and an old preteen nude pic tee shirt. I went and warmed up some left over chicken for dinner and was about to sit down and eat when the doorbell rang. Unsure of whom it could be at this time, I stumbled over and opened the door and was totally unprepared for a madly grinning Austin carrying a 6 pack of Heineken and a large pizza. "Surprise!!!" He said as he walked past me right into my apartment. free preteens list "Nice place," He added as he laid the food and brews on my table and looked around. "But I guess guy guys are kinda expected to keep up a certain standard huh?"His gorgeous blues melted any protest or qualm I might have had. Like the sun breaking through a cloudy, raining morning, his face evaporated any kind of protest I might have had. "Umm... HI," I said closing the door. "Please, nonnude preteen angels come in."I gestured grandly and melodramatically. I wanted sooo badly preteen topless pix to grab Austin around his huge shoulders and pull him to a huge kiss! Inconveniently, my intuition told me this was a bad idea.Austin looked at my wrinkled old sweats and said, "But I thought gay guys were supposed to wear name brands all the time and look like supermodels"I gave him an off hand look and said, "You straight guys are so behind the times. Wrinkled and frumpy is the new black this year. BUT only for house parties and guests."He laughed and said how glad he was to be caught in style then. As I went to the kitchen for plates and frosted mugs, Austin was already shuffling through my cd collection. "Nine inch Nails, Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, Nirvana, Collective Soul, good stuff dude!!! OH MAN PETER MURPHY! Not what I would have expected." "Well thanks Austin," I said as I walked in the room, "But just so you know, the Erasure, Abba, and Pet Shop Boys are in the bedroom."Austin started to laugh so hard that I rushed over to keep him from falling into my stereo equipment. "That was good dude..." he said as he slapped me on the back.I grinned, "I teens preteen nude was serious dude!"He made a screwy face at me then laughed again, "Well, don't tell anyone but I own the grease soundtrack."I handed him his mug of beer and simply said, "Fag!"As we sat and ate and drank, Austin said he had two tickets to this mega-rave being thrown nearby at an old airplane hanger. I hadn't been to a rave preteens blow in several years and felt a little tentative about it. I mean, I was 26. Most of the "kids" there would be even younger than Austin... Well, it had been that way at the last few Raves anyhow... Then Austin got a huge grin and waved some aluminum foil under my nose. "I also got preteen cute vlad two hits of X for tonight."I had to stop and look at him for a second... I hadn't even smoked pot in ages, and I'd never done x before... But the eager look on his face melted any qualms of mine. "You're the boss big guy!" I said with as little reservation as I could. "Look Alex, I know you said you never tried this before, but I really think you'll like it...and I'll be there, you'll be ok. Come on, an entire generation can't be wrong!"I thought for a moment of the belief that the world was flat and any number of fashion fauxpaux from the seventies. But I decided to ride his enthusiasm and trust him. As I glanced at his eyes, I suddenly understood the word swoon.So we ate pizza, I pretended to know a lot more about baseball as he told me about his week, and at 8pm he said it was time to think about going to the rave. I told him I wasn't going anywhere till I changed. Austin looked at me with a screwed up expression, "Dude, this is a rave, sequins and shiny tight shirts aren't required."I stepped up to him and looked him up and down then reached out and tugged at his shirt, "Oh, is this a mustard and pizza sauce event?"I asked smiling at him. preteen pageant upskirts He looked down sheepishly and broke into a face full of dimples. "Oh," he laughed, "Guess I should change a little too"I flattened my hand out on his chest and tapped his pecks with my fingers, "Hmmm, photo illegale preteens you think?"Austin responded by stepping up to me so that his chest was right in my face. His stance was one that typically means aggression. "Got kinda very illegal preteen of a smart mouth on you bitch!" He said menacingly.I stepped back fearing I'd pushed him too far maybe."Dude," he laughed as he pulled me against him in a straight boy one armed hug. "Relax dude. I'd never hurt you. And come on, It takes a hellava lot more to piss me off then a snappy dis."That said and cleared up, I asked if he needed something to wear. "No, I'll just bring up my bag and get something out."Then he stopped and turned around grinning, "And WHAT the hell would you have that would fit me anyways???"He said with a funny expression on his face. preteen anim I smirked evily at him, "Well, I have this tight little spandex tee, It preteen indian cunt would look AWESOME stretched out over your chest..." "Perv!" "Tease!"He laughed and shook his head as he walked over to my door and made sure it wasn't locked. That kind of action might have been audacious-might have even seemed a tad pushy... from someone else. So I went and put on an old black t-shirt and some moderately ripped jeans. (HEY! It was the mid 90s!) I put on my silver Ankh and a few rings. OK, I doubled up on the deodorant and brushed my teeth too-I am gay after all. So I walked out just as Austin was pulling up his jeans and said, nonude preteen archive "Baby, Please, don't rush on my account."Austin looked over his shoulder and said, "Bitch, like you haven't seen it all already anyhow!" "Mmm, But I like watch'n it moving under it's own powa," I said in my best sista vernacular. As Austin fastened his jeans, I noticed that not only had his shirt changed to a nice slightly tight faded red jersey, but also his faded jeans were quite a bit more ripped and revealing then mine. The left ass was so ripped I could see his blue boxer shorts underneath. "Mmmm, very nice" I said as I took in the whole picture. He wore a red Abercrombie and Fitch cap backwards; the faded shirt had a few small holes in it, and rode up when he stretched out his arms to reveal a god-like six-pack with a flawless treasure trail. His ripped to shreds jeans rode low on his hips and had holes big enough for me to stick a hand through. I shelved that thought for the time being, when Austin caught me looking. He grinned and put his arms out palms up for me to inspect. "This better then the pizza stains?" He asked rhetorically. I made a show of slowly inspecting him; walking around him and gently walked up and once again put my hand out as if I was going to remark on his shirt. This time however I tweaked his right nipple gently as I looked up into his eyes with a little smirk on my face, "Yeah, it'll do." As I got ready to leave hot preteen boards and had the door open, Austin said, "OH, Wait a second..." And he darted off into my bedroom. I was about to follow him in and see what he was looking for when he came out waving a cd in the air. "Erasure!" He said grinning as he walked out in front of me. His habit of taking liberties was either going to prove his downfall or cause me some even more serious emotional problems than I was already having concerning him. We took his Grey Dart, and listened to Erasure at very loud volume down some old country roads as we hit the `outback' of Volusia County. Our conversation mostly consisted of me preteens 14 asking questions about Ecstasy and him giving youthful, over eager responses as if he were afraid I might back out. The preteenpic of boys truth is, he was the sort of guy that could get a person to do something they never thought themselves possible of? Like those stupid movies where everyone goes "that would so never happen!!!!" Well if Austin was the one who showed up with the dead body and asking if he could borrow your freezer, trust me, you'd help and then take the blame just because he smiled at you. This wasn't the biggest Rave I'd ever seen, the parking was sparse, but it was early I guessed. As we walked up Austin played with the `tickets'. I'd never been to an exclusive rave before, but then I wasn't a star athlete either. We got to the entrance and this smiling girl took the tickets, gave us some glow sticks and wished us both an enthusiastic and sincere good time. The inside was done up more like a school cafeteria at prom then a typical industrial rave. Lots of handmade decorations, stars, and moons, and planets hung on the walls alongside the black lights and strobes. As we walked up to the makeshift bar, I ordered us both beers. The guy on the other side told me all they had was water and soda. Austin told me to get water for now. "You'll wanna drink a lot tonight, trust me." preteen fuck free So I ordered two waters and we went to a corner and sat on a long bench and Austin turned to face me and pulled me around to face him. "Here, stick out your tongue tiger," He said as he unfolded his foil. After giving me my sacraments, he took his and tossed the foil into a large metal barrel. Forty-five minutes later I was dancing on the floor near Austin. I grinned up at him a lot, and he gave me these halfhearted "disinterested" smirks. The music was awesome and both he and I had taken out shirts off. Not that I preteen that funlumpkins was paying much attention to anyone else, I did notice that we were getting more then our share of interested glances from other guys. All of a sudden, a club mix of `connected' by mc stereo came on and I went wild. I looked up at one point to see Austin trying to keep up with me... GOD he looked hot! All I wanted to do was fall in his arms. Fortunately the music wouldn't let me stop. When the song ended, I bounced off the floor for some more water and Austin followed. The bartended handed me the waters. Austin put his arm around my shoulder and steered me outside to this covered deck where they were playing this new age stuff, which was MUCH easier to talk over. Even out here, Austin kept his arm draped around me, much as he had at the party we'd met at. When we talked, he'd lean over and speak in my ear, and when I wanted to reply he'd lean over and put his head next to my lips. This was all feeling so natural. Hell, I felt great! As if reading my mind Austin leaned over and asked, preteen movie trailers "How ya feeling buddy?"I grinned up at him and leaned into his arms more. "Dude, I feel awesome!!!"Austin then took out another foil package and told me to stick out my tongue again. Not thinking I asked "WHY?"He put his lips right next to my ear and said in a slow southern drawl, "Cause you're my bitch and I said so darl'n" I was so fuckn' hard I couldn't even stand up straight. Slowly I let my head tilt back till I was looking up at his impossibly blue eyes. He smiled and put his finger up to my lips. Without thinking I licked his finger and slowly sucked it into my mouth. He took a deep breath in surprise and let it out slowly. As I took his finger into my mouth, I felt a shiver go through his body... We were the only two free star preteen people there for a few short moments. arkan bbs preteen I realized that he'd given me a second hit of X, but the important thing was that I was sucking his fingers and he wasn't freaking on me, even if it was only his rather long beefy finger. I had him all the way to the knuckle when I realized someone was talking to me and calling my name. I looked over and as Austin ripped his finger from my mouth I tried to remember where I knew the girl and her two friends from."It's me Gena. Robert, David, and I met you at that bar in Daytona two weeks ago." I remembered now, nice guys, and I'd actually known Robert for quite a while now as we'd tricked a few times. "Ummm, yeah, Gena, Robert, David, HI... this is Austin." Austin wiped his finger on his pants to dry it before sticking out his hand to shake. David practically tripped over his tongue as he ogled Austin. Robert was reserved and I could see jealousy, as he had been the only alpha around last week. I had tried to score with him even as poor David sat there watching. In his typical manner, Austin just told them it was nice to meet them, wrapped his arm around me further, and led me away. I said good bye as I was escorted away. "Man, did you see the way she kept looking at my eyes and grinning," he asked.?Actually I hadn't and told him so. "She knows we're rolling. She is too, not those guys though." "Dude, this doesn't feel like being stoned at all... man I could dance all night," I said, as we walked to a fence near by.! "Yeah, it's cool isn't it? There's some other things that are pretty fun to do when you roll too."He whispered in my ear, making me even harder. "Like what" I asked innocently. "Well, I know for a fact that sex is like 1000 times better on x" "Really?" I ask with a smirk. "Ohhh yeeaahh," Austin drawled with a deeply dimpled preteen fashion erotica grin."Fact is, I'm going to be getting a nice long hummer later on tonight." "Oh yeah," I asked? "You got this lined up already?"I was worried he might have been preparing me for a brush off later. Man, I was so scared suddenly. "Oh yeah." He says, "had this one lined up for almost a week now."When Austin saw the worried look on my face he lit up and laughed before adding, "Had this brazen young thing tell me at this party I was at, that she was getting me drunk so I'd take make a move on her."I caught on finally and chuckled. "Dude, you musta been drunk, that was so no girl!" He was almost laughing out loud as I added, "Fact, I believe that what was said was ""I'm not getting you drunk to take advantage of you, I'm getting you drunk so you'll take advantage of me."" Least, that's how I recall it. Austin tightened his grip on me and leaned preteen love sex his head on mine so it was resting against my face with his lips pressed to my ear and giggled, "bet you I'm still gonna get a blow job regardless!" Trying to suppress a moan, I slid the hand that had been around Austin's waist, to his ass so that it could wiggle inside the preteen picrures huge hole where his pocket used to be. MAN did he have a nice firm ass. As I snuck my hand into his boxers and cupped his world class ass, I leaned into his shoulder with my preteen tpolist head and looked up at his face, grinning away as I groped his ass. "I would have to say Austin, that there is site teenspagecouk preteen an excellent chance that you could receive any manner of sexual relief you wanted."A second later I felt fingers poking at the little rips in my jeans and Austin asked, "You feel like dancing anymore?" "Kinda, but If you wanna leave, I g-guess we could entertain ourselves." "Are you sure you aren't trying to take advantage of me?" Austin said with a leer. "Dude, YOU'RE the one photos little preteen who got me fucked up this time... OH MY GOD, You ARE planning on taking advantage of me!!!!" I gasped in mock surprise. Then paused before adding, "Aren't you????" Austin spun around so we were facing each other just out of light range from the deck. This time when he grabbed my ass he lifted me so we were face to face, really for the first time ever. "As long as I don't hear any pussy ass objections I might," he said with a pretend sneer. free preteens fucked "No objections here sir," I said as our eyes locked and our smiles turned into something soft and dangerous. Our faces got a little closer. "Good!" he whispered. Before adding quietly, "I-I've never done this before Alex."I smiled briefly then said, "Good!" This first kiss was soft and tentative at first. Gossamer brushes of lips and nose against one another. My arms came up to wrap around Austin's thick neck and pull our faces together. This felt so right and so natural. The tentative kiss started like a gentle day at the beach and ended up a tsunami of lips, tongues, and hands.A couple of minutes later Austin pulled our faces apart, "Alex, m-maybe we should go back in hairless preteen spam for a little while?" He asked a little unsure of himself. I licked his sweaty neck with the tip of my tongue and ended up preteens pussy pics by his ear, "Hmmm, I was thinking maybe we could go back to my apartment... up to you though gorgeous" I whispered in his ear.Austin was quiet for a second before moaning loudly, "AaaAAAANNNOOOOOOOGHGHGHGH!!!!! MAN!!! What the fuck are you doing to me Alex?????" He released his hands so I was set back on the ground. "Do you remember like a week ago when I was freaked out when you put your hands on me??? NOW here I am inviting you to a rave where I KNOW there are going to be a gays all over the place... What the FUCK Dude???!!!!" Obviously Austin was distressed, at least in his mind. His hard on spoke as loudly as mine about what he wanted. His pain and confusion were tangible though, and I couldn't leave anyone like that; even if the person hadn't had a face and body like Austin's. And let's be real, I had begun to fall big time for him, face, body, boyish charm, even his self assured arrogance. "Dude, it seems to me that you're just interested in . . . experimenting a little . . . preteen art mpeg doesn't necessarily have to mean anything. I thought this might have been a little rushed for you, but to be honest, I can't say that what we're doing surprises me. I had a feeling we might, uh, `Experiment' at some preteen boys naturist point," I said calmly and while holding his huge hand. Austin looked me right in the eyes searching for a second, "W-w-what ever happens, I-I-I want you to know that I'm not gay..." I smiled and let my intuition take over at what I could feel was a pivotal point, "I know Austin, I never believed for a second pink models preteens you were gay." I didn't even dare approach the subject of bisexuality at this time... He needed to feel some level of safety. "It's not like a guy's never hit on me before you know?" he said softly. "But, I don't know... you're different! I mean, when I accused preteen bikini modeling you of getting me drunk to take advantage of me, and you said, `wrong, you were getting me drunk so I would take advantage of you' Dude, I threw such a fucking bone!!!"He hung his head and xxx passwords preteen shook it gently side to side. Slowly he lifted it and looked me in the eyes, "Since I woke up in Phil's bed, I haven't been able to stop thinking about you."I blushed and looked up at him with a quick, warm, smile, "well thanks, I think." I said in a puzzled voice. "Well come on dude, all those guys, Phil and Dan and all them, they think your really cool, gay or not. I mean they all really like you." He said smiling softly..."I've been hearing about how cool you are for month's now. I figured it was just more of Phil's liberal bullshit." He gave me a weak smile, "I wasn't prepared to like you." He closed his eyes and shook his head pensively from side to side, "I sexy preteen asians mean, he's right, Phil I mean. You really are tight man!" I gave him a warm sincere smile and reached out and took his hand, "I tell you what big guy, If you need to talk more that's fine, but lets do it at my apartment. Then if you want, we can." He raised scared eyes to me for a moment before I added with a smile, "Do whatever you want... remember, you won me... it's all about YOU tonight." I arched my eyebrow suggestively in a comic fashion. Austin laughed and moved closer, "See, this time I KNOW you're trying to take advantage of me." We both laughed as I took his hand and led him back towards the building "Tell you what Austin, If I do ANYTHING that doesn't feel good, you can give me a wedgie AND a swirly." This caused him to chuckle. "COOOL, I get oral sex AND I get to dunk your head in a toilet?""I said if it doesn't feel good dorkwad! I happen to KNOW it's going to be great!" I said renos preteen as we neared the light and noise. "Pretty cocky buddy boy" Austin teased. "Well dude, come on... all you ever had was girl blow jobs... What the hell do they know about cock? To them it's just a big foreign thing they can blame for every thing we do that they don't like." Austin made a contemplative face and grunted, "Hmmm, never thought of it that way." "I mean really dude, a guy knows what feels good and what a cock likes... So why would you trust it to an amateur?" I Paused before adding, "you gonna let a barber do brain surgery??? They both work on heads too!"Austin leaned over and in a bemused voice asked, "So you're saying that you're a `professional' Alex?"I preteen hidden young puffed out my chest and grinned, "No, just a dedicated hobbyist!" We left the Rave and drove back to my house chatting away and making each other laugh. It amazed me how comfortable we were with each other already. Perhaps it was the drugs that were still buzzing away in my head, or maybe it was just that we were both the kinds of people that others felt easy around and preteen girls fighting always opened up to... whatever it was, it felt right and very familiar.As we entered my apartment Austin collapsed on my couch and gave me a a curious look with his head cocked to one side, "So do you really think guys give better head then girls or is that just shit gay guys say to get laid more?" he asked shy preteen nubiles me out of the blue. I thought for a second as I crossed the floor and sat next to him, "Yeah, Like you don't use lines to get laid!!!!!!" I said as I stuck my tongue out at him. preteen sexe xxx "That's LOW man, lying to a guy just to get your rocks off!" he said with a funny scowl. "Actually I'd be lying to you to get YOUR rocks off if you think about it." He grinned as he said, "Oh yeaaahhhh. Well, that's all right then." I smiled at him preteen hardcore cartoon and turned to face him, "No, from what I've been told, guys just get into it more." I turned my head slightly and caught his image out of the corner of my eye, underground xxx preteen "I know I do!" Unconsciously, Austin was adjusting his crotch as we talked, "Yeah, you might be more enthusiastic and illigal preteen all, but the fact remains you're a GUY, and, as a straight guy I'm bound to enjoy a girl's mouth more... even if it isn't as... `Technically' good as yours." I turned and flashed Austin with a big grin, "Why Mr. Camble, Was that a challenge???" He blushed a little as he dropped his head then turned slightly to smirk at me, underage preteen pedo "Maybe... How about a bet? If I think it's the best blowjob I've ever had, you win. And if I think one of my past girl friends did it better, I nude young preteen win." "Dude, Either way YOU win!" I grinned, looking him in the eyes. Then I taunted, "OK, what are we playing for? Money? Vacations? A new car?" Austin grinned with a devilish leer as preteens models tai he rubbed his chin and thought about it, "Na, if I WIN, you have to give me 10 more blowjobs whenever I want them. And if you win, then I will let you blow me 10 more times whenever you want." I couldn't stop laughing at his precocious dare and unashamed arrogance, "Sounds to me like you're gonna win anyway we look at it." With that big devilish grin on his gorgeous face, his blue eyes flickering like lightening he added, "Seems to me the deal suits you just as fucking well as it does me." What could I say? He had me! "So wait, how do I know you aren't going to lie?" I said putting my hands on my hips. He laughed and leaned in to me, "Hey babe, that's life. Either you trust me, or you don't. And If you don't? Well, why am I wasting my time here?" There was a moment there where neither one of us were smiling, we just looked hard at each other. Slowly then I slid from the couch to the floor in front of Austin, the further I slipped the more he grinned. As if to hurry me along he brought his leg closest to me up and lowered it on the other side of me, using it to pull me toward him.This was it, the moment of truth... Austin had an infectious and almost evil smirk on his face as he used his calves and feet to draw me to a place in front of his lap. He raised his hands and put them behind his head... Why did his self-assurance draw me like heroin addict? Haltingly; I gay amature preteen brought my hands up to his blue jeaned crotch and reached for his zipper. Our eyes were locked through this while I marveled at how he could hold his breath for so long. As if giving me permission, he nodded to me and I began to unzip his zipper... I COULD NOT believe this was happening, and more over, I was afraid if I moved too fast he'd bolt on me. With deliberate slowness and resignation I proceeded to draw his metal zipper to me. He smiled faintly through his smirk as I pulled at his now unfastened pants. He lifted his hips slightly and though I wanted to croatian preteen models take it slower and enjoy the entire process, Austin shucked his underwear towards me as I slid his pants off his hips. His hard cock whacked him in the belly once it was free from it's confines... I sat at his feet and removed his shoes before sliding jeans and underwear off in one fluid move. I swallowed once as I kneeled up and reached for his cock, he was sinking into my couch and reaching down to gently slide his fingers through my hair. I thought this was surprisingly gentle and sweet of him. With one hand, I lifted his rock hard legal erotic preteens cock and looked at it. Ok, it wasn't the biggest I'd ever seen, or held for that matter. But it was perfect in shape and... well, dimensions. It was maybe 6 and a half inches long but was wide and thick. The head swelled out perfectly, giving dirty preteen pic it a true mushroom appearance. As I brought my face preteen toy closer I could see the large veins and his low hanging balls-I really loved low hangers. I used the tip of my tongue to trace the tube from base to head of his warm member. As I did the ice cream cone swirl on his head, he moaned and placed his hands on my head pulling me gently down. So I went down, I took him easily to the root and nuzzled his crotch as I felt the head of his cock throb in my throat. "Ohhhhhhh f-f-f-fuuuuuckkkkk!!!!!!" He groaned as his pushed my head down on his cock. Not that I minded, but I wanted to get on to other things... I wanted to rock his small straight world now that I had his attention.So up and down and round and round I went till I thought he was gunna pop after just a few minutes. "Not so fast big boy" I said to myself as I finished mouthing his head. I smiled and stood up then reached down to give him a hand up. He looked confused for a moment then got a smile, "Afraid I'll make a modele preteen mess in your living room huh?" "Nope," was all I said smiling as he stood up. We walked towards the doors to my bathroom, which happened to be right next to russiain preteen models my bedroom. As we got there Austin pulled me gently towards the bedroom but I had other plans. "Not so fast Big guy, we have unfinished business."I smiled at him as I yanked him into the bathroom. Before he could draw any negative conclusions I spoke up. "Hey, we were sweating like pigs earlier and besides, you owe me a shower," I said as I bent over to turn on the shower. Like the consummate tease he was, he stepped up behind me and ground his cock into my shorts covered ass. "So when do I get to try some of this?" He teased as he grabbed my hips and pumped his hard on in my covered crack. "I'm thinking sometime after your blow job and before breakfast," I said over my shoulder smiling. He smirked down at me and lifted me up so I was standing facing him. "To be honest, I'm not sure I can do that... We'll have to see. Anyhow, let's get under that water." he said as he removed his shirt and stepped under the spray. I quickly slipped out of everything and stepped in behind Austin. GOD what a fucking dream boat!!!!!!! He turned around with the water beating on his back. "Ok, my cock isn't gonna suck it self bud." He said as he pushed my shoulders down till I was face to face with his man hood. I opened my mouth and sucked that baby like our lives depended on it... "Oooohhhh, duuuuuuude..." He groaned loudly while humping my face. I then lifted off his cock and bent down underage preteens porn further to suck a testicle into my mouth... I LOVED low hangers and these were perfect, lightly hairy and soooo tasty! He almost fell over backwards he had gotten so relaxed. "Fuck dude, maybe we'd better move this to the bedroom," he said flatly. "Not yet Austin, I have one more thing I want to do... But I need you to trust me," I said looking him in the eyes. "You can't fuck me so forget it buddy," he said with an adorable smirk. As much fun as this was, I had a few other reasons for getting him into the shower... I wanted to clean his ass but wasn't sure how to approach it. "I don't want to fuck you silly; I want you to fuck...," I stopped there hoping he'd get my joke. gallery preteens nude "Very funny smart ass, so what do you want me to let you do?" "I want to clean your ass... especially near your hole." I said with as much of a straight face as I could. Austin looked down at me and studied my eyes. Then with a big breath of air which he released slowly through his nose he nodded then turned to the wall and said, "Nothing better go up my hole got it?" I was already soaping up the cloth and admiring his gorgeous ass. "Yeah, I'll want to next preteen model cute time if you like this... but that's fine for now." So I took my soapy washcloth and preteen dark video brought it to his ass and dragged it through his cheeks taking time to rub his hole. "Dude, that's... fucked up!" He said with a little less conviction then one might preteen glamour forum expect. I washed his ass carefully and then rinsed him good. Then I decided to go for it right there in the shower. I scooted up and as I spread his tight cheeks apart exposing his glorious crevice, I leaned forward and used the tip of my tongue to trace his crack. He collapsed against the wall. "Duuuuuuude, that's f-f-fuuucked up," he said quietly with no conviction. I knew I had him, and so without going further then his hole, preteen girl orgasm I rimmed him good. Licking here, sucking there, and sticking my tongue in the entrance to his forbidden zone. I even chewed on that chunk of meaty flesh above the inner thigh. I had him moaning like a virgin for preteenz pedo sexy about 20 minutes till the water started getting cold. As we climbed out he had his arm over my shoulders in a demonstration of intimacy. He bent forward and nuzzled me before turning my body nude russians preteens so we could kiss. Suddenly he stopped and got this sheepish look on his face, preteen kids toplist "Would I be like totally an ass hole if I asked you to brush your teeth before we kiss??? You know, because you were ..." I smiled at him and suggested that we both brushed so we'd be ready for bed. As we walked into my room Austin stopped me and wrapped his arms around me. Gently he bent over and brought his face to mine for a long slow kiss. My hands preteenm model photos roamed all over his naked body trying to pull him closer to me. Austin's massive hands slid down my back and grabbed my ass cheeks pulling me to him. Austin's tongue probed my mouth and danced against mine in a kiss I'd have to rank among the best I'd ever had. preteen teenager When he finally broke the kiss he stood up straight and gave me a slight warm smile, "I-I want you to know that whatever happens tonight, you need to understand that I'm not gay... You have to believe that." Still caught up in the warm glow his kiss left me in, I smiled back up at him and just nodded in agreement. I was questioning in my mind why he was saying this right before climbing into bed with me... but I wasn't about to rock this ferry. With his arm still around me affectionately, Austin guided me over towards my bed then stopped and spun me around so I had my back to the bed. I got nervous for a moment when he slid his massive hands under my armpits and lifted me up, and then brought me so that I was face level and pulled me in for a kiss. I tilted my head and opened my mouth to meet preteen gallery boy his full lips as I was brought in tightly. A second later He snapped his head back up and gave me a wicked smirk before tossing me like a dirty t-shirt through the air. I panicked for a second before landing with a thud on my bed; man, that had to be some sound for my neighbors to hear. Before the night was through though, the sounds would boy gift preteen be many more, varied, and loud. preteen guirls nude After my jarring landing I saw him quickly follow me through the air and land on both arms so that I was trapped underneath. I was massively turned on; this god of a guy was turning me on in ways I didn't understand. He was turning me on in ways that went way beyond his incredible looks. As we hovered nudist preteen sisters in that spot me looking up at him and him looming over me, he suddenly started laughing and collapsed on me. Man, this guy was solid... I could barely move for the seconds he laid fully on me. Finally he rolled off to the side still laughing, "Dude, WHAT am I fucking supposed to do now," he said still laughing??? I started laughing too and just leaned in and buried my face in his meaty chest. Finally I pulled back as he rolled off further and supported himself on an elbow to look down at me. "Austin, as long as it doesn't involve bruising or bleeding, I'm yours dude!" He got a devilish grin and I swear his eyes gleamed with mischief, "Dude, you could get in a LOT preteens virgin pics of trouble say'n shit like that!" As an answer I tried to match his evil grin, leaned up, and used the tip of my tongue to twirl around his hard nipple. Then I nipped it gently between my teeth for a moment before adding, "Bring it on big guy... you won me fair and square." Slowly, Austin started to lower himself towards me once again... art nudist preteen and as his lips came towards mine my head tilted and lifted to meet his. As his lips pressed into mine, he brought his hands up, took my hands, and pressed them on either side of the pillow I was on with fingers laced together. I'm not sure how much of this was the XTC we dropped earlier that night, but that preteen nymphets pix kiss went on for what seamed like hours, his tongue forcing it's way into every crevice of my mouth. His chest ground on mine as his hips coved mine completely and his legs pinned mine down effortlessly. I was so hard I was leaking like a faucet on my belly... Austin was hard too, and his cock was leaking on my lower belly and crotch adding his own flavor of liquid. Some time later Austin broke the kiss and raised his head, His eyes were glazed and his breathing deep and slow. With a movement so fast I could barely follow it, he lifted himself up and kneeled above me with preteen model 13yo his knees on my arms right by my shoulders, still pinning me down. "Lets see what you got." He said in a low raspy voice. As he brought his hips to my mouth and I saw that beautiful cock shiny with precum coming to me again. I raised my head as far as I could and stuck out my tongue to lick the head of his nearly purple cock. He sighed when my tongue traced the head in small circles and licked under the head. "ooohhh, yyyeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhhh... That's fucking awesome," he moaned rather loudly! As I stretched my head up as far as I could I managed to get only the head in my hungry lips. The bastard was teasing me. Well, experience had taught me how to deal with this particular problem; I merely collapsed my head back on the pillow and opened my mouth. That leaking cock of his wanted attention a lot preteen comunidad more than he wanted to control me, so a second later his hips drove his cock almost to the roots into my hungry mouth. I have to admit that I got a satisfied smile even if it was invisible beneath the dark and curlies. I sucked that cock like a single-minded passion; it became my purpose for being alive. And the moans and groans let me know that litle preteens pictures I was succeeding. Suddenly Austin moaned louder then he had and pushed his cock down till his balls were on my chin and his head was in my throat. vicky fotos preteens I knew what this meant, and normally I would have pulled off and finished him by hand, but youngest preteen ******** I was in no position to do anything at the moment. Not with him outweighing and out muscling me, toplist preteens Besides, I had always wanted to try swallowing. So I just laid back and waited for the prize. HOLY FUCK, it just shot out and kept coming and coming... He roared and used one hand to pull my head against him as he filled my mouth. I tried swallowing but there was so much it spilt out the sides of my mouth... I preteen videos top gasped for air till I realized I could relax and breathed through my nose. Overall though, it was... delicious! As he relaxed, and I was allowed to let his cock slide from my lips, I moved up and lay on the pillow next to him. We were both quiet for a few minutes as we thought. "SO?" I finally asked. "'SO' pthc links preteen What?" Austin asked softly back to me. "SO, is it the best hummer you've ever had or not?" Without taking his eyes off the ceiling, Austin said matter of factly, "Hard to say, I think we need a few more tests before I judge." I was barely suppressing a smile when I agreed that that made sense... Not wanting to jump to quick conclusions or anything, I reached down and started to gently jack him. He moaned and made a sad attempt to pull my hands away. "Listen bitch, you have to give me a few minutes before you chow down again," he moaned. "Well, fuck, I guess that's why god made women... A gay guy would be alllll ready to go again!" I teased. A second later, I was straddled by Austin's hairy legs as he plopped his still semi soft dick in my mouth. "When I want my bitch to have an opinion, I'll fucking tell her what to think!" He snapped at me. If I hadn't seen the wicked gleam in his eyes I might have thought he was serious. Well who knows, maybe he was. Point is, I got exactly what I wanted. This time I went slow and steady, enjoying the ride and not just shooting for the end result. About 30 minutes later he came philippine preteens again in a somewhat less than showy display, but it still tasted good. As I went to kiss dirtylittle preteen underware him he turned his face away from me, I realized it was because I had sperm breath. So I went and brushed my teeth again. When I got back to bed and lay down, Austin rolled over on top of me and pinned me down once more. "Well, that one was better then the first one. I'm still not sure if it's the best though." It was obvious to me that he knew damned sure well that my blowjob was worlds ahead of anything he'd had in the past. However, if he wanted to keep trying them out to make his decision, who was I to gripe. So after he lorded over me and established himself as my superior, at least naked preteens websites in his mind, He rolled off me and lay back. Like lightening, I pounced on top nudes preteens him and preteen pussyes took his cock in my mouth again. He whined a little but with in seconds he started shocking portal preteen to get hard again. His protest was brief and desultory, feeble at best. Seconds later his big hands were cradling my head and cautiously holding my mouth onto his cock. I guess because I hadn't yet cum I was still jonzing a little. "Gawwwd, you are insatiable you little perv!" Austin said as I went for my third prize of the night. This time I massaged his ass cheeks and played with his nipples too. I wasn't going to bring out the big guns just yet. Austin clearly liked having his nipples pinched. On a hunch, I left his dick temporarily to chew and bite on his nipples. Austin tensed and came while I was chewing on his nipple and giving him a hand job. I brought my sticky hand up so I could lick it in front of Austin's face. Our eyes locked and held each nonnude preteen org other as I cleaned my fingers... when I turned to go back down on his cock Austin grabbed my head firmly and pleaded with me, "NO, MORE!!!!!! Please... no... " So I acquiesced and went and brushed yet again. I got a brief peck on preteen shaven upskirt the lips before he wrapped an arm over me and went to sleep. Despite the sexual build up and a case of blue balls, I laid there wrapped in his arms being spooned by a living dream until sleep eventually overcame me. I fell asleep with Austin still laying half on top of me. When I awoke later that night, he had spooned me further and wrapped his free arm over me in a protective effect. I was so happy I couldn't fall back asleep at first so I nuzzled against him and enjoyed the feeling of his warm breath on my shoulder. The cadence of his breathing was long and deep, just what one would expect from an athlete. And the sound of his breathing and soft snore lulled me back to sleep. I would like to thank everyone for their wonderful words of encouragement and especially Randy and Tom who have generously offered to proofread for me. Thank you and stay tuned, I have several chapters left... at least 4 more.
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